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Knysna Lockdown Day 22

When you wake at 3:00 in the morning (as I regularly do), the silence is so absolute it’s unnerving. I can hear the heating element in the geyser percolating, roiling the water, modifying thermal subtleties. Dew dripping from a neighbour’s gutter is like the rhythmic beating of a metronome. In this profound absence of sound,…
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Braaivleis & Kgalagadi Dreaming

It’s the end of Lent (when, theoretically, one has been thoroughly abstemious and earnestly reflective), and the beginning of Easter (which Covid-19 has just roundly cancelled). Today our South African Lockdown has been extended to the end of April. Five Weeks. We’ve only just managed to gasp our way through two. So … Reflection, yes,…
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