Welcome to Gravel Road Adventures

Your personalised travel planner
Self-drive specialists for back roads, lesser-used secondary roads, gravel and 4×4 tracks.

How does it work?

  • You set the parameters (budget, geography, duration, timing)
  • We prepare a trip outline
  • We finalise reservations and draw up a detailed plan
  • You set off on your self-drive back roads trip!

Tell us what type of trip you’re looking for (scenic, 4×4 trails, wildlife viewing, mountain passes, dirt roads, motorbike drives, getting into nature), how many days you’ve got, and what time of year you’d like to travel. Based on those criteria, and after a one-on-one discussion (for that personal touch), we will prepare your trip outline for your approval. Then for a nominal fixed fee, we will make all the reservations for you (booking yourself is no cheaper), prepare a detailed tour plan with the supporting vouchers and travel information … and you are ready to go on your self-drive back roads adventure!

What you get

  • Detailed day-by-day travel plan
  • GPS route map + turn-by-turn instructions
  • Confirmed reservation vouchers
  • Relevant documentation and border requirements
  • Suggested packing list

We will make sure you are well prepared with all the correct documentation: details of your daily route and itinerary, a GPS route map that you upload yourself to your Garmin for clear directions, printed reservation vouchers, and useful travel information, including what you should be packing into your vehicle, together with necessary documentation requirements if you’re planning to cross borders.


So what are you waiting for? You get to do it your way, on your own wheels and with your own travel companions.
We do the work, you have all the fun!

you choose - we plan - you drive - you're in control!

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