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Welcome to our site of FREE downloadable travel and adventure stories and the books we’ve published on off-road travel, all crammed with the most beautiful photography. Why download from this site? Magazines are always restricted for space, but we can write as much as we want and give you pages and pages of gorgeous pictures! Also, the short shelf life of magazine articles makes it difficult to find a particular travel story just when you really need it. Our library, as it grows, becomes a permanent travel resource.

And we tell it to you straight … These stories are from our personal travels so we’re honest about the experience — paying our own way, not sponsored to say the right thing … we give you the truth. So forget all that regurgitated stuff on tourism and marketing sites, the same hype repeated over and over. From us you get:

Authentic. Original. Real. Quirky. Sometimes funny.

Most of all, visceral and experiential.

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    Visit our library to see the range of travel and 4x4 offroad adventure books we’ve published through maps and travel publisher, MapStudio. Our books cover destinations in Southern Africa, from Lesotho, Richtersveld and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park to Namibia, the Caprivi, Botswana and Mozambique.
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    Explore our library for stories of our personal experiences while driving the back roads of Southern Africa. We are still building this library to cover adventures in the remotest little towns to the wildest of places, always with a unique voice. We've even gone international (the overseas kind)! But what you will always get is: A different perspective. Quality. Authenticity. Originality.
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