Sani Pass under Ice

Aah … the mystique of Sani. All its challenges … will you make it before the threat of tar spoils forever the adventure of its bumpy rocky road, S-bends tight as an Elizabethan ruff, or climbs so vertical they’d challenge even a klipspringer? Will you face the threat of rain or snow, making it treacherous to tyres that struggle to gain purchase? More importantly, is your vehicle up to it?

With very little road maintenance happening on the Pass, you can bet it will always be an adventure (so long, anyway). And then there are those stupendous views onto layer upon layer of mountain folds, sometimes chartreuse, sometimes caramel, depending on the season. It’s always a thrill to look back onto the sidewinder curves of the road … um … track, marvelling at how far you’ve come and, also, at the capabilities of your vehicle.

We’ve driven Sani during the mild in-between seasons, and it blew us away. But now we can say we’ve driven it with snow dusting the Drakensberg ramparts, ice clawing to roadside rock faces, and a waterfall frozen in mid-tumble.

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