Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) at Low Water

It’s a real tussle, isn’t it? Should you visit the Falls during high-water season (April/May) when the bongo-drum thunder penetrates to your bones but the spray is so drenching you can see absolutely nothing? Or should you be there in September when water still tumbles over but a lot of the gorge is dry — and yet you will still encounter water and spray and, more importantly, the drama of sheer basalt plunging to the depth of the chasm. (October is a no-no because of heat and humidity.) Sometimes, in fact, you have no choice, you’re there for other reasons.

And so it was that we stood before the pummelling might of water in September. We loved it. We were also in the fortunate position of being able to experience a few of the adventure activities Victoria Falls is so famous for … Ziplining over gorge canopies, a helicopter flip. Some went whitewater rafting. One fearless friend did a tandem freefall swing into Batoka Gorge (there’s no accounting for the levels of craziness that show up on the day). But we all lived to tell the tale.

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