What to do on a Monday…

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After trawling Montereggioni it was, naturally, time for lunch. As we continued our explorations through Castellina in Chianti (they make it all sound so romantic in these parts), Villa Cerna rose into view, set against a canvas of hills and vines. An open terrace with giant white umbrellas did the final painful arm twist. We pulled in. Our amazing meal has already featured in Hirsh’s blog, but the pictures are so good I just couldn’t resist. You’re going to experience a bit of déjà vu. All I can say is, What better thing to do on a Monday?













Dishes, top to bottom: Rare sliced steak topped with red, black & green
peppercorns; asparagus risotto with burrata cheese; fava bean, artichoke
& pecorino salad; leek soufflé in goat’s cheese fondue.