Goodbye Old Year, Hello New Year

Oh, we do so want 2019 to be a good year for all of us, and for our beautiful country. A positive outlook, cooperation (and sharing, and teaching) between ourselves, and Respect for one another will get us there. Fingers and toes crossed …

In the meanwhile, a few highlights of our Goodbyes to 2018 and Hellos! to 2019.


Left  What is a celebratory season without a few bubbles? Right  December 25th lunch: Although this was by no means the only aesthetically satisfying (and taste-sensory) dish we were presented with at resident chef Bradley’s home, I did like the graphic nature of this photo composition (thank you, Hirsh!): kingklip ceviche with coriander, lime and chilli.


Even the iron Cockerel sculpture at the bottom of the garden got into the spirit of things.
Just don’t ask about the artist 
the rooster came with the house.



Hello, 2019! We are privileged to have as friends members of the Henderson family, who originally hailed from Zimbabwe, and from which a father and two sons originally built (in the late 1930s and, later, 1970s) four of the stone castles that sigh gracefully into the indigenous forest creeping down to a gloriously remote, and generally empty, Noetzie Beach east of Knysna. We can tell a lot of stories (actually, the castles’ walls could too) of numerous party-filled stays there, but today the castles are in the hands of a handful of private owners. So … our privilege is to have continued sleepovers in a serendipitously situated beach cottage — right at the centrepoint of the beach — belonging to another longstanding Noetzie family.



Naturally, there were long, lazy lunches … think grilled watermelon (yes, really) with pesto, spring onions, feta, sprouted greens; and salmon with ginger, lime, chilli, coriander and green beans. Thank you, resident chefess Sharon!


Proof of the pudding … watermelon on the coals


Roast vegetable couscous; cheese platter with preserved orange-rind curls.



No words required.


Of course there has to be a resident pooch. Meet red border collie, Ruby Tuesday.

Happy 2019!


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