Balance, harmony

Balance and harmony … two qualities we all need to draw upon to get us through the next few months to Election Day. And how does one define balance? The tension between two opposites where, at a certain central point, a state of equilibrium is achieved.

Looking at these sculptures, from all around the world, it struck me that each one perfectly embodies balance. You can feel the serenity just looking at them.

So … running up to the portentous, tension-filled, potential-brimming month of May (we know you can do it, Cyril!) practise, practise, to achieve that state of balance and harmony.

Above  One of many bronze sculptures on the façade of the Duomo di Orvieto (1290) in the lovely Etruscan-era town of Orvieto, in Umbria, Italy.

 Outside the Muga winery in Haro, in Spain’s Rioja region, stands a series of statues named “Monument to the Wine Harvest”. This reclining woman, as if rooted to the soil while she emerges out of vine stems, grapes and leaves, symbolises the nurturing earth and its regenerating potential.


Winged creatures and balancing man in a sculpture garden in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Nymphs outside a building in Lisbon, Portugal.

Pure Zen. Om.