Focaccia & no flour?

Who’d believe that a flourless focaccia could taste so darn good? It was to pizzas we were heading but we were hijacked by our friend Jan, the Knysna artist who famously paints with his fingers (and yet manages to elicit the subtlest of effects like feathery eyelashes and delicate wisps of hair). Jan was fencing with his KamadoJan like a Don Quixote lancing at his windmill. (It launches a heat to rival Dante’s Inferno.)

I call it the Komodo Dragon — it’s got scales like one!


Jan had just perfected his base, made purely with grated mozzarella and butter, almond and coconut flour, and an egg. Roller-flat, a smattering of basil, a sprinkle of Parmesan. We were the guinea pigs.

Looks just like an Italian pizza-maker. Red apron, red-striped canvas, red KamadoJan. Pure class.

It was such fun sitting like royalty on the first-floor terrace, sipping bubbles and watching the hoi polloi pass below our feet. And Prince the border collie notified everyone in no uncertain terms Who. Was. Boss.

Wafer-thin, crunchy, lip-smackingly delicious, especially with rosemary or basil. And chilli.