Inspired by Valentine’s Day

It being the 14th of February, these photos from travels all over the world show that love transcends borders, language, culture. Peep into the corners of any new country … there you will find love.

Happy Red Hearts Day!


Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra, born in São Paulo, is famous all around the world for his rainbow-coloured murals fostering peace. Everyone will recognise in this work that black-and-white photo “The Kiss”, by Alfred Eisentaedt, taken in 1945 on V-J Day (“Victory over Japan”) at the end of World War II, and published in LIFE magazine. This colourful mural is along the High Line in New York City.



Left  In Porto, Portugal, writer Camilo Castelo Branco clasps the naked butt of a lady. He’s famous for his 1861 novel “Amor de Perdição” (doomed love), written in prison where he was serving a sentence for adultery. The sculptor is Francisco Simões.

Right  À Juventude, on Avenida dos Aliados in Porto — this lady with the secret smile (by Henrique Moreira) celebrates Youth. And admirers she has in the dozens; everyone calls her “the naked lady”.


I have no idea who did this mural in Madrid, Spain, but it’s likely to have something to do with the Freedom Revolution after Franco’s dictatorship. Nevertheless, there’s a pumping heart, a lady … definitely components of Love.


Maybe a tattoo is an idea for Valentine’s Day? A doorway in San Sebastian, northern Spain.


Just a hint that you should give your lady love a break from cooking today.

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