Knysna also has Street Art!

Graffiti today — that is, the more polished creative kind — has been elevated to such an extent, it’s now called “street art”. Cape Town, Jo’burg, Durban, all have a slew of unbelievably talented spray-can artists, among them well-recognised names such as Faith47, Falko, Tapz, Kevin Love … and so, so, so many others.

But smaller holiday dorpies like Knysna?

I went looking for some memorable street art in my own neighbourhood.

I’m afraid I can’t elucidate you on artist names, but an educated guess would say the kids at this school had a hand in decorating this wall.


I admit this is not “wall” art but I do love the sensuous whirls and swirls, and it’s not often that you see the boat hull out of the water.

While we’re on fishy subjects … Knysna is, after all, the home of a diversity of sea creatures.


Elegant Italian influences to be proud of, on the exterior walls of a Knysna institution.


Great advertisement for a car wash




Every town should have its witty mouthpiece. It makes us smile and lightens up our day!



On our old dilapidated Choo-Tjoe carriages, a lovely message for the future.


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