NYC … easing slowly in

We’d forgotten just how noisy the Big Apple is. The incessant reverberation of grumbling helicopters and growling jet planes trawling the skies; the plangent blare of car horns; the howl and wail of sirens; the hiss and sigh of buses’ pneumatic brakes; the beep-beep-beep of reversing trucks; the trundle and echo of trolleys pushed backwards and forwards in open courtyards below our apartment window…

Nevertheless, we are catching up on our sleep and easing nicely into the Big City.


Street Art … a series on birds of the city, fashioned out of wood and other recycled materials, to highlight the risks of extinction. This is a Peregrine Falcon. Right  Eternal symbol of the city: steam billowing from underground vents.

Happily, happily, the rain has vanished. The blue skies reeled out every sentient being into streets and parks, so an exhilarating and thrilling first run in Central Park was accompanied by walkers, non-stop-jabbering talkers, runners, cyclists, dogs strung out in harnessed packs, an endless stream of tourists and their selfies.

Craig, my Central Park pictures are for you! (Someone, please direct him to the Blog!)

An unintended 9-kilometre run was a good preparation for a very long lunch with an NYC friend at Becco, a New York institution in the theatre district. We also got to share the table with a Very Important Person, a musical composer, performer and director (of operas, theatre, performance art), who was quite fascinating and great fun. (An aside to our friend Greig … he was absolutely wowed by my 3-D-printer red heart earrings. Advance orders are in the mail!) No doubt the Becco food pictures have already featured on Hirsh’s Facebook page.



Our view through the skylight above our table in Becco.