SoHo & Lower East Side

The prints on the underside of our feet are disappearing we’re doing so much walking in the city. But the good thing is there’s no shortage of exercise. And some quality time in the lower precincts of Manhattan always delivers a few good photo opportunities, so here, a day in the life of . . .


Interesting shadow patterns on a few of the more elegant buildings in SoHo (the contraction of the name for this area came about from “South of Houston Street”).


New York is presently loving architecture that features offset balancing blocks, and the New Museum above right is no exception. A close-up view reveals a gauzy mesh texture to the façade.


Donald Trump ain’t got too many friends in this city.

A diamond-encrusted skull, anyone? SoHo has a chi-chi collection of very exclusive designer stores if your credit card has the capacity. Sadly, not a single pair of silver Doc Martens in entire Manhattan. I’m in mourning. A pair of Converse leather sneakers with silver studs is temporarily assuaging the pain, though.


A little bit of grunge dollied up with street art as SoHo morphs into the Lower East Side.


Zebras with spectacles? Well, yes, if you leave Africa to reach the rarefied air of SoHo and an artist gets hold of you, see what can happen.


The Lower East Side abuts Chinatown, and before you know it, the flavour and energy of your surrounds quickly changes.