When will the bubble burst?

So there was a striking African-style head sculpture we hadn’t quite got to see when we first visited the Highline, and we decided to wind our way back to the Hudson Yards to find it. All over again we were knocked off our feet by how much development is going on in the city. When is this boom bubble going to burst?

A little orange to brighten up your day.


Reflections of a crane in all that glass-fronted façade … everywhere you look, burgeoning skyscrapers.


On our way to Hudson Yards we came upon a different perspective of “The Vessel”, designed by UK architect and designer Thomas Heatherwick, who was responsible for the Zeitz MOCAA in Cape Town.

We did find the “African” bust but couldn’t get anywhere close to it, as it stands on a section of the Highline that hasn’t quite opened yet to the public. Perplexingly, it’s called “Brick House”.

Then, on to the High End Retail…

Jennifer Lawrence — she of The Hunger Games — at the Hudson Yards. Well, a giant-size billboard of her.


And this is purely for Coreta. Somebody tell her, please!