Brooklyn walkabout

So … our last day in the Big Apple! That said, we really feel that we’ve done this city justice … our feet could give you a story or two, for sure. A run this morning around the many pier fingers to the Brooklyn Bridge and then the Manhattan Bridge in cool cloudy weather was just in time. Afterwards, it poured. Luckily we were firmly ensconced in a Pain Quotidien when it started, and our waiter was absolutely priceless. He was a robust Spaniard straight out of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert with the personality to match. When I asked for our double espressos immediately saying we were desperate, he returned three minutes later announcing dramatically: “Your 911 coffees…” After that, everything was “I gotcha, I gotcha” … At one point we caught his eye to ask something, and with arms all aflutter he asked, “Are you leaving me already?” He made our day.

The rain was a bit sad as we’d planned to try out a few photo opportunities in Dumbo … but too much time taken getting caught up in gourmet meals and sipping vintage wines. Definitely one member of our party very happy about that. (Don’t think I’m not either.)

So, here, a quirky window into our temporary Brooklyn Heights neighbourhood.

The Brooklyn architecture is extremely elegant … flat-roofed homes, many of them in red brick, with big sash windows and classical portals.


Do you think they come in and take over your kitchen?


If they’d just made the M an N they would’ve got my name right! Well, almost.

It’s bye-bye New York, next stop Prague.