In anticipation of Kruger

Did you know that Kruger National Park is about 360 kilometres in length? That’s what we’re going to be doing in a few days, trawling up slowly from south to north, bush camp to bush camp, a few of which we haven’t yet tried. A New Adventure awaits.

So, just to whet your appetite for the bush life … a few of the more unusual photographs from previous Kruger adventures. But I can’t claim to have taken any. Hirsh is the wildlife photographer, I’m just the selector.

“Here’s lookin’ at ya, kid!” Buffalo Bull imitates Humphrey Bogart.


And some pretty critters catch a ride … Yellow-billed Oxpeckers.


Talk about a different kind of traffic jam. You wouldn’t want to pick a fight with any of them.


I am so looking forward to the beautifully eerie fever-tree groves way up in the north of Kruger. And the best part, No Crowds! You often have the park completely to yourself. Heaven is made of this.


It’s not often one has this kind of encounter … a female Spotted Hyena was suckling her cubs on the sun-warmed tar at dusk one day, totally unconcerned about any potential passing traffic.

You really could call it cute …


Seen from a black and white perspective.

I liked the sense of symmetry in these ellies.


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