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Visit our library to see the range of travel and 4×4 offroad adventure books we’ve published through maps and travel publisher, MapStudio. Our books cover destinations in Southern Africa, from Lesotho, Richtersveld and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park to Namibia, the Caprivi, Botswana and Mozambique.

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  • The Thin Line Between – A Memoir. One Family, Three Generations
    By Mariëlle Renssen

    $ 3.00

    Familial interrelationships. A journey into mysticism. Travel. An enduring and not-always-successful drive for self-independence in the need to break the ties that bind. This is a true story across three generations of a single family. Three lives, three very different stories.

    I am offering a special launch price of R50 or $3 (you can choose your currency) via a proven safe means of payment, PayPal, or directly via EFT.

  • Our Ultimate 4 x 4 Trips Collection

    Our two off-road books of personally experienced travels across Southern Africa have been so successful that MapStudio decided to publish one big, wonderful, round-up of ALL our 4×4 adventures – 22 trips in one compact, colour-saturated, info-crammed tome. The best part is, all the information has been revised and updated, and we've featured a whole lot of new explorations too.

  • Our Top 4X4 Trips (e-Book)

    $ 11.50

    In short, this book is as much a nature book as it is a 4×4 travel journal. Our intention was to create something that fell between practical route planner, breezy outdoor magazine article and Kingsley Holgate travel diary (although we wouldn’t dare suggest that we’ve confronted a
    fraction of the challenges he has!).

  • More Back-Road 4 x 4 Trips (e-Book)

    $ 12.99

    Our hope is that, with you holding this book right now, you already know us – and our philosophies – from our first book, Our Top 4×4 Trips. We had such fun doing it, and clearly so many of you off-road enthusiasts had just as much fun reading it, that we decided to do it all over again. So we’ve just completed the immensely tough job (twist my arm, twist my arm!) of exploring South Africa – and Mozambique – to bring you our insights and share our experiences. We’d like to prise you off that tar … get you back onto gravel and stones and sand. And we trust that the maps, words and pictures in this, our second book, will inspire you to do just that. This book, with its 10 new trips, presents a launch pad for your own back-road adventures, to be moulded and adapted entirely to suit you.